Episode 1

Saints, Otters, & Everything In-Between | Youth Minister Mickayla Hagar


June 1st, 2019

42 mins 34 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this first episode we chat with Mickayla Hagar, a young, super cool high school youth minister in Hingham, MA. She’s a graduate of Franciscan University, she’s currently hiking the Camino de Santiago, and she really loves otters.

Here’s a glimpse of Mickayla’s faith journey, her life as a youth minister (and what it’s like to take students to Haiti), and her advice for young adult Catholics (and everyone!)



Haiti180 - https://haiti180.com/

What Is Seaside Life Teen? Video - https://youtu.be/pWo-Mubkx8E

What Is A Life Night? Video - https://youtu.be/pWo-Mubkx8E

Olivia blink video: How to Read Scripture For Teens - https://youtu.be/xvd7RN9ge0o

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