Episode 11

Faith as a Verb | Karen Kiefer, BC Church in the 21st Century Center Director


November 4th, 2019

59 mins 31 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this in-between season special, we sit down to talk with Karen Kiefer, director of Boston College’s Church in the 21st Century Center. Olivia and Karen chat about her role in the C21 Center, how she made it back to working at BC after graduating, her faith journey, and what she’s working on now, bringing faith to a college campus and beyond.

Lots of exciting announcements in this episode, so here they all are!

  1. Karen Kiefer’s new children’s book, Drawing God, has inspired the movement of World Drawing God Day. That day is this Thursday, November 7th! We encourage you all to draw what you think God looks like, and then hashtag it with #drawinggod, or #bcdrawinggod. If you tag @totheheightsctv, we’ll share it!
  2. We are so honored to be recording an episode of this podcast at #SLS20, this year’s FOCUS conference. Listen in the episode for more details or visit sls20.org, but let us know if you’re coming!
  3. Season 2 begins at the start of the new year, but before then, you’re going to see the first #AskOliviaTTH episode!! Tweet, DM, comment, or email your questions about life, Olivia, studying theology, podcasting, or whatever you want to know about your host. Be sure to hashtag it would #AskOliviaTTH and tag us @totheheightsctv, or email your questions to [email protected].

That’s all we have for now, but we hope you enjoy this super special and heartfelt episode with Karen Kiefer. Talk to you soon!

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