Episode 17

Beauty is Not a Stop Sign | Nell O'Leary, Blessed Is She


January 27th, 2020

58 mins 3 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

We are so excited to share this beautiful guest with all of you this week: Nell O'Leary, the managing editor of Blessed Is She. Olivia met Nell at a young Catholic innovators event at Boston College's C21 Center (of which the president, Karen Kiefer, has been on the podcast before! Link below!).

Nell shares with us the story of Blessed Is She, an organiziation that so many of us know and love. We get to hear how she went from being a lawyer to the BIS editor, what it's like to organize intentional community for women, and to work with such amazing creatives. Olivia and Nell discuss sisterhood, why this world needs beauty, redirecting career paths based on obstacles, creativity, working on a team of creatives, being a mom, and so much more. Nell is a joy to converse with, and I hope you love this conversation just as much as I did.

-Karen Kiefer epsiode: https://www.grexly.com/to-the-heights/episode/33a427cb/11-faith-as-a-verb-or-karen-kiefer-bc-church-in-the-21st-century-center-director-grexly.com
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Be sure to follow along @ToTheHeightsCTV for more! Thank you so much to Nell and all the lovely ladies at Blessed Is She–– you inspire us to reach to the heights!!

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