Episode 22

Nuts & Bolts of Discipleship Week | Mike Drahos, Archdiocese of Boston


March 16th, 2020

1 hr 10 mins 59 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Many, many times before on this podcast Olivia has mentioned Discipleship Week, the Archdiocese of Boston teen leadership and evangelization retreat that started in the summer of 2016. Olivia was in the first "class" where she meet TTH guest Sarah Ryan and Grexly's Paper Cranes guest Kathleen McCarthy. Podcast friend Mickayla Hagar brings teens and helps run it, as does guest Fr. Sinisa. Other season 1 guests, including Max Loeb and Gavin Larnard have attended and grown from the ministry of this retreat.

Needless to say, Discipleship Week holds a special place in our hearts, and it has been wildly successful as it goes into its fourth year. Olivia sits down with Mike Drahos, one of the organizers of the retreat who is an Evangelizing Consultant for the Archdiocese of Boston.

Mike shares the story of Discipleship Week, concrete and practical tips that contributed to its success, as well as his story of straying from the faith and coming back to it through logic and wrestling in college.

What are your tips for a successful teen retreat? How do you help foster Catholic leadership among young people? Let us know what you took away from Olivia's conversation with Mike @ToTheHeightsCTV!


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